Body And Mind Sculpture
Shape Up For Self-Discovery

Body And Mind Sculpture is about shaping not only the physical but also the emotional and mental bodies. Yoga can be used to minimize the effects of asthma, backache, stress and other problems associated with fast-moving modern life. This book makes fulfillment available to everyone through two pathways, Body Sculpture and Mind Sculpture. The journey will enable you to be more intimately acquainted with your body and mind and learn how to bring both under your control.
Josephine believes that you are ready for yoga at any age. Her approachable style makes the philosophy accessible from the beginning, only using foreign or technical terms if really necessary. Clear photographs and diagrams and encouraging guidance make this an ideal, attractive book for a complete beginner.

ISBN 1-898594-75-9, Published in 2003 by Parapress, Times, Marshall Cavendish, Singapore, UK, 117 pages. Availabe from all bookshops & Parapress, Also available From Times and local bookshops in Singapore and

For me, yoga is a living practice, every single hour, every single day in my ordinary everyday life.
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