Shadows Across the Sun

This novel, published in September 2005 by Publish America, a US publisher. Shadows Across The Sun explores the concept of mothering and what it means to be a mother. It also looks at relationships and the validity of past memories. Kim Hiok, formerly a Singaporean lives in England and is middle-aged. In the opening chapter, her son Peter, whom she abandoned in her native country, comes to take her back home. he has arrived at an opportune moment when Robert her English husband has died suddenly. A mystery is created around the circumstances of Robert's death. The latter is one of the shadows suggested in the title. Other shadows concern Kim Hiok's relationship with her son and her own father.

ISBN 1-4137-6395-2
Published in 2005 by Publish America, USA
272 pages
Availabe From all bookshops and from and

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